DIY Pet Travel Carriers: Creative Solutions for Happy Travels


Traveling with pets can be a delightful experience, but ensuring their comfort and safety is crucial. Investing in a reliable pet travel carrier is a great solution, but why not add a personal touch by creating your own? In this article, we’ll explore creative and easy-to-make DIY pet travel carrier that will make your furry friend’s journey a joyous one.

Choosing the Right Materials

Before diving into the DIY projects, it’s essential to gather the right materials. Visit your local pet store or check out online platforms like Voyager Pet to find suitable fabrics, zippers, and straps for your homemade pet travel carrier.

Project 1: The Cozy Cushioned Crate

Materials Needed:

  • Sturdy cardboard box
  • Soft, washable fabric
  • Cushioning material
  • Velcro strips
  • Zip ties


  1. Cut openings for ventilation on all sides of the cardboard box.
  2. Line the interior with soft, washable fabric, securing it with Velcro strips.
  3. Place a layer of cushioning material on the bottom for added comfort.
  4. Attach a soft strap using zip ties to create a makeshift handle.

This DIY carrier provides a cozy and secure space for your pet while allowing for proper airflow.

Project 2: The Stylish Sling Bag

Materials Needed:

  • Durable fabric
  • Adjustable strap
  • Safety buckle
  • Sewing machine or fabric glue


  1. Cut the fabric into a rectangular shape, leaving room for seams.
  2. Fold the fabric in half and sew the sides together, leaving openings for your pet’s head and tail.
  3. Attach the adjustable strap to the top corners, ensuring it can be worn across your body.
  4. Add a safety buckle for extra security.

The stylish sling bag is perfect for smaller pets, offering a fashionable and comfortable alternative to traditional carriers.

Project 3: The Windowed Wanderer

Materials Needed:

  • Clear vinyl or mesh fabric
  • PVC pipes
  • Zip ties or strong adhesive
  • Soft bedding


  1. Create a rectangular frame with PVC pipes, securing them with zip ties or adhesive.
  2. Attach the clear vinyl or mesh fabric to create a transparent window.
  3. Line the interior with soft bedding for comfort.
  4. Add a secure door using the same material or a zipper.

The windowed wanderer allows your pet to enjoy the view while ensuring they remain safe and snug during travels.


DIY pet travel carriers offer a fantastic way to tailor your pet’s transportation experience. Whether you opt for a cozy cushioned crate, a stylish sling bag, or a windowed wanderer, these creative solutions can make the journey more enjoyable for both you and your furry companion. Check out Voyager Pet for additional inspiration and high-quality materials to make your DIY project a success. Happy travels with your beloved pet!